Exosphere Facts – The Real Transition

Just over the thermosphere, well at least 300 miles all the way from the sea level to be specific, there is a bulk of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is known to be really thin as compared to that of the established 8,000 mile diameter which is somehow coming off the planet. Just on the top of the atmosphere, there exists the exosphere. This is lower than the boundary of the interplanetary space. This is one of the most common exosphere facts.

Needless to say, exosphere will always be a mysterious place to be in. This is true in comparison to the low layers of the entire atmosphere. Considering the fact that we exist just in the troposphere, a location that goes with like three atmospheric layers, there is indeed a division happening somewhere around the exosphere itself. The said layers are the thermosphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere.

Because of technology, scientists got to maximize the real use of satellites. This was a way for them to learn about the real reaches of the atmosphere. The same is also true with its inclusion and the like.

What are the fun facts about exosphere anyway?

  1. Exosphere, which originated as a Greek word, means outside. This refers to external sphere.
  2. If the distance of sea, is to be compared to the base of such exosphere, and there are like two points which are seen on the car trip which may be driving from the sea level against the said base of the exosphere. This may be 300 miles. This may vary though depending upon the solar activity. This in the end may range to 600 miles. This synonymous to heading to Philadelphia down to Boston.
  3. The exosphere top is marked as 6,200 miles just above the sea level. To put this on another way, the very same distance may just be around that of a trip from Boston going to San Francisco.
  4. Since it is considered to be the outermost layer of the atmosphere, this exosphere is the cradle of space weather. This is known to be the first line of defense against that of cosmic rays. The same is also true with asteroid impact, earthbound meteors and other sort of sky events that may occur eventually.
  5. The composition of exosphere may be mainly helium and hydrogen. This is where light gas may be found. This can also be in small quantities. There are traces of atomic oxygen and even carbon dioxide.
  6. There is a little density owning the particles in the whole exosphere. It may be difficult to know or determine as to where such exosphere may end exactly. This may end up in the outer space as it suddenly begins. There are various particles that may somehow ascend at some point. This is the case when the exosphere is being pulled back to its very low levels involving the atmosphere itself. This is true as far as the gravity of the Earth is involved.

Those are the fun facts about Exosphere.